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Hello you! Welcome to Moonbelly Makes, the virtual vessel for sharing my homemade projects!

Here you can find DIYs (mostly with fabric), recipes (mostly with vegetables), and a very “great” British baking project. Basically, any project that I am working on ends up here, to share and to archive. And if you prefer to enjoy video, I have that for you too here.

Feel free to explore the website, find me on Instagram or Pinterest (@moonbellymakes), join the newsletter, and check out the YouTube for more!

The making of things and doing of projects is a spiritual practice for me, so if you want to know more about me and my philosophy, please do read on…

Katrina headshot

Katrina Quick Facts

  • I share life with my wonderful husband, Josh
  • We live with our ridiculous cats, Jack and Pete
  • I am obsessed with produce, especially vegetables
  • I am younger than my sewing machine
  • I have a degree in Dance Performance
  • I enjoy yoga and day hikes
  • I am a Libra sun, Pisces moon, and Scorpio rising
  • I will choose cheesecake over regular cake any day
  • I live between two gorgeous lakes in Wisconsin
  • I love Tarot (current frequent pulls are Temperance, King of Pentacles, and Ace of Wands)


The project of Moonbelly Makes emerges from a turning and tuning into the closeness I have felt to the process of making for my whole life. The urge and inspiration to create comes from a deep and wise place that I do not understand and therefore cannot explain, but I have always found more of myself within my projects: choreographing, sewing, crocheting, cooking, baking, writing, creating installation art and stop motion films and furniture, etc etc etc. These projects emerge into this reality as a bridge that teaches me something about the world and about myself, that connects me with others and grounds my being. (Both within process and when being witnessed, I practice opening my ears and mind and heart to the truth, in whatever way it chooses to show up for me.)


Another massive piece that drives my making in general and Moonbelly specifically is a purposeful attempt to challenge societal understandings that suggest we as humans are somehow outside of and made of different stuff than the rest of nature. In practice, that looks like blurring the line between NATURE and ME - seeking out new ways to bring the natural, outside world into my inside world; both into my home by incorporating natural materials and themes into my projects, and into my body with delicious and nutrient rich dishes that work to respect and honor the land, people, and animals that nourish me, and my family and friends.

Ultimately, the energy that drives Moonbelly is a tenderly held intention to bask in this abundant, rich, beautiful, magnificent, and magical existence.

Through the projects I share here, I strive to find ways to support my main aim:

to live a decorated life. 🌷

Looking up to the moon, I am reminded of the cosmic vastness we are inherently a part of and speeding through at nearly 1.3 million mph. I am a blip of consciousness in a sea of possibility…

Looking down to my own belly , I am reminded that I AM HERE in this body experiencing all of this inexplicable richness. It is with this body and these hands that I alchemize my thoughts into creations that can be seen, felt, and heard…

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Making for me is an act of healing, connection, expression, and energetic exchange.

I make to know who I am.

I really love that you’re here sharing this with me. I hope you have a beautiful rest of your day, and thank you for visiting!

💖, Katrina

Katrina Atkin dancing in the park