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About Katrina

Katrina headshot

Hello you! Welcome to Moonbelly Makes, the virtual vessel for sharing my homemade projects, both from the craft studio and from the kitchen! Feel free to explore the website, find me on Instagram or Pinterest (@moonbellymakes), join the newsletter, and check out the YouTube for more.

I create as an act of healing, connection, expression, and energetic exchange. I make to know who I am.

Thank you for visiting, I really love that you're here!

💖, Katrina

About Moonbelly

There are three tenderly held intentions that steer Moonbelly: to know myself and the world better through the process of making and sharing, to foster and nurture a powerful connection between myself as a human and the rest of nature, and to bask in this abundant, rich, beautiful, magnificent, and magical existence.

Above all, through the projects I share here I strive to find ways to support my main aim:

to live a decorated life.

Recent Projects